A note on personal practice.

pexels-photo-236503.jpegI am often amused at some of the comments I get on my @diaryofachubbyyogi Instagram account. It seems that a daily Asana practice is out of reach of many people. Modern life has a way of tying up our time and tying us down to tasks and jobs that consume our waking hours.

Where I can’t offer any real advice on making more time, the one thing I can say is this : reappraise what you see as yoga. Yoga means union. It doesn’t mean sacrificing two hours of a day to yoga pants and leisure centres.

Yoga is in your breath.

Yoga is in your heart.

Yoga is in your actions.

Take 60 seconds to have a few conscious breaths. You don’t have to submit to a dedicated practice. Just be here. Be here now. Wherever that may be. That breath will take you to yoga.

Remember compassion, nonviolence to others AND to yourself. Practice of this Yama is yoga. If you can practice these simple yet so effective concepts then you are closer to yoga. Closer to Nirvana.

All of these things can help bring you closer to yourself. Know yourself. Then making time for yourself won’t be so much a task or bind as it would be a celebration.

And everyone can make time to celebrate.



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