Um vs Om

The bhikkhu who guards his mind
And fears the waywardness of his thoughts
Burns through every bond
With the fire of his vigilance


primate-ape-thinking-mimic.jpgThe mind is a terrible thing to taste. The mind is mostly nothing but confusion. A random grapple at thoughts, sensations feelings and emotions. They fight and clash for focus and attention, often being put on the back-burner to fight the fires caused by other minds and actions. Once pulled in a thousand directions, it’s a miracle that we manage to keep ourselves together. That togetherness for some is a facade. A series of masks and rhetoric that gets thrown into the path of confusion, to meant to solve anything but to deflect energy, leaving Will unfulfilled and the battle to be fought another day.

So in the shadow of mind mess and people shit, how does the modern yogi survive? How do we find balance in a world gone mad with a mind going madder? How do we attain Moksha when Vritti is our birth right?

I have recently been experimenting with meditation. A bastardised version of TM that i’ve cobbled together from things i’ve found on the internet. 2x20min sessions of tuning in to a vibration. What vibration you ask? My vibration. My natural hum of the word AUM. It may not be in key, it may be out of synch but right now it’s all I have. It’s an interesting experiment – i don’t always get all 3 syllables out. sometimes I just find the MMMMM; sometimes just the AAAAMMMM; and now more recently i discovered UUUMMMMM…. the universal sound for brain fart.

This practice has delivered almost immediate results. My personal experience has been one of great amusement. Meditation has become a fiery cleanse. The vibration feeding my humour like kindling. It takes away everything that I think I am and replaces me with what I am. Silly, confused and awesome.

This may be the greatest synthesis ever.

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