Pose Analysis: Utthita Trikonasana – Triangle Pose.

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“Each asana and each breath is a complete journey.” – Ashtanga Yoga by David Swenson

Triangle pose is a fundamental pose that is used in most styles of yoga. For demonstrations sake, I will give the pose on the left hand side with the right leg in front.

Begin in Tadasana. Step or jump your feet one legs distance apart (approx 1m). Another good indicator is if you lift your arms parallel to the floor, your feet should be under your wrists.

Inhale. Turn the right foot towards the front of the mat and the left foot at 45 degrees to the right foot (pointing at the top left corner of the mat) with a heel to arch alignment. The position of the feet is very important as it will dictate the position of the pelvis. Open the toes up nice and wide and distribute the weight evenly across the feet. Exhale.

Inhale. Open the arms out wide and spread the fingers. Engage mula and udiynna bandha, the tailbone tucks in to keep the spine nice and long.

Exhale. Reach forward with the right arm as if someone was pulling you toward the front of the mat. This will force you to bend slightly at the hip crease, where the femur meets the pelvis. It is important not to let the hips move forward or backward but to keep a solid foundation.

Inhale. Lower the right arm onto the shin of the right leg and roll the chest open with the left arm extending to the sky. Do not collapse into side-body but maintain the support for the ribcage and lower back by engaging Mula Bandha and Udiyanda Bandha and keeping the heart centre lifted. Exhale.

Keep the arms evenly spaced and roll the shoulders away from the ears by melting the shoulder blades down the back. Spiral the chest towards the sky by taking the Drishdi or gaze towards the top thumb.

Remain in this pose for 5-10 breaths.


  • Feel free to use a block or brick to support the lower hand.
  • Lower the top arm and place the back of the hand on the lower back to help spiral the chest open.


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