Yoga, Comedy & the irony of cultural appropriation.

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I’m going to have to thank for bringing this to my attention.

Yoga 101 is a comedy series of short clips that parody the urban and suburban yoga lifestyle. For a start I can barely watch a full episode, it’s that cringe worthy. I know some of these people. This must what it must be like for people who work in leisure centres when they watch The Brittas Empire.

It made me think of an article that I read recently that was shared by Kara Cooney, Associate Professor of Egyptian Art & Architecture at UCLA about Yoga and the Maintenance of White Womanhood. Since I’ve started taking my yoga a little more seriously I have been reading interpretations of the Sutras of Patanjali, I chant Aum and Shanti every day, I wear a mala and when I teach I close every class with Namaste. As a white male do I have ANY rights to be able to do this or have I just latched on to some vehicle for the aim of saving what is left of my fraying identity?

I often wonder when faced with the veil of death, what will become of it all? The feather vs my heart? The Throne of Grace consuming me in flames? Left to drown in the River Styx? Because even in my life when I stand between the proverbial pillars at the Temple of Delphi…. I can’t answer that question.

I can’t answer that question because my cultural lineage offers no answers. We have no ancestral connection. That was severed by the church and replaced by hierarchy of politicians and pedophiles. So in an attempt to rediscover my spiritual heritage we have no alternative but to trace back to the cultures that have a history, cultures that have not severed that link. When someone says to me that “the Light in me recognises the Light in you”… it gives me hope. Hope that the Light in me will find it’s way home.

This blog isn’t about comedy.

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