David Swenson – what makes a yogi?

Image from spotmyyoga.org

Two years ago I had never heard of David Swenson. Nearly 700 days and one adjustment later, he is the inspiration behind a big part of how I teach yoga. Reading his book on Ashtanga was educational, inspiring and a little depressing. I learned a lot from that book about modifications, about breath and about how far you can push the human body and stay comfortable.

The biggest thing I took from him however was from a workshop that I shouldn’t have even been at. A dear friend and compatriot on our YTT couldn’t attend and offered out the ticket for free. I couldn’t afford it otherwise. Fate was most kind that day. When meeting David Swenson I learned that when “finding your voice” as a yoga teacher, it’s just fine to be exactly who you are.

Because he was funny. He’s intelligent, worldly and wise and I believe he speaks his mind. While he lead the class he used the same time as one would use when entertaining a party of guests to dinner. He has a strong personality and it shines through.

I will always be honest with my students as to who and what I am. My vulnerabilities will shine equally with my strengths and I will be the most genuine teacher I can possibly be.

Watch this video.

Thank you David Swenson.

Ong namo guru dev namo.

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